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Dear Dorchester Valentine

…dotted by Meghann

To Do List

Dear Hubby-

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to say “thanks” … about a billion times over:

*Thank you for listening to me when I said — on a whim — “Let’s just go check out Dorchester,”.

*Thank you for letting me daydream about renovating an old, forgotten, and broken-down house.

*Thank you for  sticking with me through about a thousand homes.

*Thank you for not laughing when the 1,001st place — the epitome of unloved but with all the right bones — came up for sale and I fell in love.

*Thank you for agreeing to put in that first offer. And the second. And the third (while all around us the real estate market was crumbling).

*Thank you for moving into our new home when I was seven months pregnant  — unable to do anything to help — and spending every ounce of your free time painting, sanding, and writing checks to make it livable before our little guy was born.

*Thank you for not giving up on all those renovations when we were both sleep-deprived and utterly-exhausted new parents.

*Thank you for embracing our amazingly-friendly and helpful neighbors.

*Thank you for lovingly learning to grow — and then care for — our lawn.

*Ditto for the rosebushes we planted in the back that bloom like mad and the hydrangeas along the side that weren’t supposed to grow but still do.

*Thank you for not giving up on this house, this dream, this neighborhood when everyone said “we’d run for the ‘burbs” in a couple of years.

Thank you for everything. You’ve made my house-dream a reality and our son’s childhood as idyllic, diverse and loving as possible.

Happy Valentines Day; you are so loved.

Monkey Love

….Dotted by Leslie

Wondering how you can top last year’s evening of Godiva chocolates, Merlot and Red Box DVD?  Have no fear, we recently discovered a very out of the ordinary idea for impressing your Sweetheart this year while also supporting an important local institution.

This Friday, February 10th, bring your Valentine for a voyeuristic peek into the private lives of animals during Franklin Park Zoo’s Sex at the Zoo lecture and Valentine’s Day themed event. Do animals find each other appealing or attractive? What are the similarities and differences between human and animal courtship? What can the techniques that animals use to attract mates teach us about friendship and romance?

Giraffes together

This strictly-for-adults only affair will feature a presentation by Dr. Rory Browne, zoo historian and member of Zoo New England’s Board of Directors, with insights about the pros and cons of relationships versus staying single in the animal kingdom. If you end up flying solo to the lecture, practice your newly-learned courtship skills on that cute guy or gal you’ve been eyeing at The Ledge and maybe even land yourself a last minute date for Valentine’s Day.

Local wines from Greenvale Vineyards and Still River Winery served, along with light refreshments.


$20 per ticket / $35 per pair

Tickets may be purchased online at www.franklinparkzoo.org or by calling 617-989-0113.