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We Fancy … Summertime Plans

… dotted by the DottieHotties
“… and the livin’ is easy.”
Songs about summertime are never in short supply.  With longer days, and higher temperatures, even the meekest songbird is prone to belt out a tune about jumpin’ fish, two bare feet on a dashboard, or sitting back to rewind.  With the glow of July and August before us, we share with you our “hottest” Dorchester plans …

Leslie fancies … shaking it.

… ordering the best summer take out meal when it’s too hot to cook: fresh tofu spring rolls and pineapple shakes from Pho Hoa.
… tuning up and outfitting my new bike at  Ashmont Cycles, then cruising the Neponset River Trail and the closed Chickatawbut Road on Sundays.
… shaking my tail-feather at the Dot YMCA during Monday night Zumba!
… and being determined to make it to the Ashmont Grill’s buttery-shellfish-fest, “The Lobstah Bake” on August 12th.

Meghann fancies … filling up.

… make it to A Sweet Place in Fields Corner for some sugary treats.
… check out the new PS Gourmet Coffee – a South Boston chain – in Adams Village and try one of their famous breakfast sandwiches.
… trying Karma Longtin’s yoga classes at The Stitch House.
… and stopping in at Repeat Boutique on Pope’s Hill to see if there are any bits and baubles to supplement my boring maternity wardrobe.

Bekki fancies … splashing on.

… treating the kiddos to a creamy treat from the Sugar Bowl – we’ve never been!
… becoming splash park experts; our standby is the Spray Deck at Neponset Landing II, while there is a wonderful buzz about the new park off Centre Street behind St. Marks.
… meeting my newest fantastic facebook friend, Katie Ryan, of Katherine Jane Photography, in real time.
… and joining fellow DottieHottie Leslie in signing up for our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and becoming a regular at the Peabody Square Farmers Market every Friday afternoon (3pm-7pm).

Repeat Compliments for Repeat Boutique

… dotted in the Dot by Bekki

“Wow, nice shirt!”

“That’s a great shirt!”

Everyone, everyone likes a compliment. No matter how healthy your reserve of self-confidence may be, getting a good word thrown in your direction is still delightfully delightful. In addition, the only thing better than getting some kudos, is knowing that it only cost you eight dollars, that’s right, eight dollars.

I own one of these magical eight dollar shirts, yes I do, and I got it at Repeat Boutique. I had driven by the three year-old designer consignment shop on Neponset Street repeatedly, but my first visit was only recently. After scooping up said shirt-of-wonder, as well as a few other gems, I am confident, I repeat, confident, that I will return … again and again.

One of the many lovely lovely displays at Repeat Boutique

Forever a treasure-seeker, a buccaneer of sorts, I have pillaged my fair share of swarthy swarthy consignment shops, yes indeed. I am here to announce and report that Repeat Boutique is far more “boutique” than your average good-willed district of garments. Simply put, it is well-organized and smells wonderfully wonderful … two things that go a long long way to enhance your plundering.

Kitty-cat heels, “Dotted” of course!

While the goods are good at Repeat Boutique, the greatest thing about this cozy cozy spot is the elegant yet easy, easy-like-Sunday-morning atmosphere that owner, Linda, has created. She is friendly, helpful and passionate about making Dorchester shine, one designer garment after another. After a great great conversation, and a lot of smiling, it was clear that Repeat Boutique was much much more than consignment. Linda’s truest of true vocation is helping urban marauders look their best, without having to shell out a chest of doubloons. A quest that is absolutely worth repeating.

Fancy Fancy Jacket

Skirts upon Skirts upon Skirts

Gems and Jewels

Repeat Boutique is open:

Wednesday from noon to 5pm

Thursday and Friday, noon to 7pm

Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Sunday, 1pm to 5pm

* * *

171 Neponset Avenue