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Warming up at Steel & Rye

When the temps drop into the single digits and the snow piles high, our minds turn to comfort food and  libations to warm the soul. In the most recent Boston Globe Dining Out section, writer Katie Johnston dished on one of the DottieHotties favorite new spots to warm up this winter: Chef Chris Parsons new restaurant and bar, Steel & Rye in Lower Mills. On a cold night in February we cozied up to their candlelit bar while  mixologist Emily Conroy served up some of their signature cocktails. She was kind enough to share with the recipes for our three favorites … some of the ingredients are definitely hard to find so we’ll probably just head back to Steel & Rye and leave it to the experts!

Steel & Rye

Rye Manhattan  (Leslie)

 2 ounces Old Overholt Rye Whiskey

½ ounce Cardamaro

½ ounce Antica Formula Carpano

1 dash angostura bitters

Build in glass. Stir for 20 seconds. Strain into chilled small rocks glass. Garnish with a luxadaro cherry.

Good Life (Bekki)

2 ounces Tito Vodka

1 ounce housemade ginger brandy liquer

½ ounce lime juice

¼ ounce simple syrup

1 dash whiskey bitters

Build drink in glass. Shake for 10 seconds. Double strain in a chilled martini glass.

Verona By Night (Meghann)

 1 ounce Tito vodka

1 ounce grappa

½ ounce maraschino

½ ounce fruit rouge

½ ounce lemon juice

Build in glass. Shake for 10 seconds. Double strain in a chilled coup glass. Garnish with a grapefruit swath.



WHAT: An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory wooden crate

WHERE: Dark Horse Antiques in Lower Mills

HOW MUCH: $45.00

FOR: Any chocoholic or industrial antique enthusiast you know

An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory crate

An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory crate circa 1900


Do you know someone with a song in their heart?  Give them the gift of music at Boston School of Music Arts.

What: Music instruction in … voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, sax, violin, trumpet, songwriting, performance, and more!

Where: Lower Mills * 2258A Dorchester Ave * 617.690.3391 * http://www.BostonMusicArts.com

For: They offer private and group instruction to beginners to pros, adults to children.

photo (26)

Cash Mob at The Ice Creamsmith

…dotted by Bekki

“Perfect day 4 ice cream”

Her text was correct. With a day as warm as the Sicilian sun, Friday, April 20th was the absolutely the ideal day for ice cream. Had she not been texting me from so-very-far-away, my dear friend would have most certainly joined me for the first ever Cash Mob Dorchester as we descended upon The Ice Creamsmith in Lower Mills.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in ... for more sprinkles.

I originally uncovered the event on Twitter. I had never done business with a Cash Mob, but the link from the Dorchester Reporter caught my eye, and by the end of the article I was ready to join my first mob — minus the ominous horse heads. Playing on the concept of a Flash Mob, in which strangers gather to perform, Cash Mob events are organized to focus on a local business; members show their support with a purchase. In a stroke of Godfather-esque brillance, the first ever Cash Mob Dorchester hit the landmark Ice Creamsmith for a molto-delizioso community event.

I want you to see what he's got under his fignernails.

Carlos Vargas, the local insurance agent who initiated Cash Mob Dorchester on Facebook has been posting about the event, along with tech savy Larry Marino, of Lower Mills Web Design:

“The Ice Creamsmith is a Dorchester institution that recently celebrated 35 years in business serving their delicious treats to residents of Lower Mills and beyond. Truly masters of the craft. They’re also very active in the community and have given jobs to more kids than any small business I can think of off the top of my head.”

Keep your friends close ... but your Mix-in's Closer

The next Cash Mob Dorchester will go down on Thursday, May 3rd; it will be an “all day drop-in” event in Savin Hill, and in true mob fashion, the surprise location will be revealed on Facebook the morning of the 3rd. So far the Dorchester gang is 283 people strong, and has a healthy competition with its sister mob in Stoughton, also initiated by Carlos Vargas.

Dinner's on the Table

Someday, and that day most certainly has come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me … and join a mob. The Family DottieHotties are loyal to the one here in Dorchester, but if you are so-very-far away like my dear texting friend, then become the mob boss of your own community … it’ll be an offer they can’t refuse.

The Ice Creamsmith leaves the cannoli ... and takes the Cake!

* * *

Facebook: Cash Mob Dorchester

Twitter: @CMDorchester

* * *

The Ice Creamsmith

229 Dorchester Avenue

Dorchester Lower Mills, MA 02124


5 Dottie Discoveries: Aidan’s Barber Shop

… dotted by Bekki

“They’ve got throwback style.”

Mohawk, buzz cut, and the one that looks like they put a bowl on your head … this is the extent of my knowledge when it comes to male haircuts.  So when it was time for JuniorDot to get his first trim, I deferred to the man of the house. That’s how we landed in Lower Mills; my mister gets his mop managed by the lovely Liana Morely at Aidan’s Barber Shop.

Aiden's Liana Morley

Liana Morley Roots for the Bruins

1. Discovered first at Aidan’s was the … train table. The barber shop was a beehive of activity on Saturday morning, and this permanent fixture made our wait a little less choppy.

Train Table

A Tangle of Train Track Fun

2. Discovered next at Aidan’s was the … wall of fame, canine style. Liana urges all of her customers to proudly display a perfect pooch photo. The devoted dog owner even grooms her own pups!

Woof Woof

Aidan's Dog-Loving Roots are Showing

3. Discovered third at Aidan’s … was a head full of maneuvers to help kiddos relax. JuniorDot wasn’t so sure about sitting in that big red chair, but Liana immediately put him to work, turning on and off switches. He was such a busy little helper, he forgot all about the knots in his stomach.

Aiden's Little Helper

Liana Tames her Most Timid Customers with Trickery

4. Discovered next at Aidan’s … was another distraction decoy. This silky brush looked so inviting,  even I was *dyeing* to run my fingers through its mane.

Holding On

Hold on to your Hair-pins! Liana has another trick up her Sleeve.

5. Discovered last at Aidan’s … the rewarding jar of lollipops and thanks all around for a successful, tear-and-tantrum free haircut.  Our family’s quartet is now singing the praises of Aidan’s Barber Shop in Lower Mills!


Aidan’s Barber Shop, Lower Mills

2267 Dorchester Avenue



Aidan’s Barber Shop, Adams Village

779 Adams Street


Mrs. Jones Soul Food

…dotted by Bekki

“Mrs. Jones!” he proclaimed “the research is already done.”

This was my husband’s response when he heard I was going to be blogging about my favorite hottie spots in Dottie.  He is correct, my family has a bit of an obsession with the Lower Mills soul food gem, known as Mrs. Jones Soul Food.

Have you ever enjoyed food so much that you *think* about it days ahead of time?  Have you ever been so enchanted by a dish that you can taste its memory?  These words only begin to describe my intimate relationship with her candied yams.  In one smooth, sweet, sticky mouthful her complex carbohydrates can melt away a week’s worth of woes.  The chicken wings are enormous peppery masterpieces, the smothered ribs are like candy and each piece of cornbread is a soft moist cushion of a-maize-ing goodness, fit for a queen.

Fried Chicken Wings with Black Eyed Peas and Candied Yams

A mountain of mouth-watering cornbread

We start them young in my household, to the point where my 5 year-old often asks with longing, for Mrs. Jones.  As a macaroni and cheese connoisseur, her palette is finely tuned and highly selective.  Her preferences usually involve a microwave and a box, but Mrs. Jones’ mac & cheese, gets top billing.  It is her meal of choice for milestone events such as birthdays, special occasions and…well…Fridays when mom and dad really don’t want to cook.

No meal, in my opinion, is complete without dessert.  The slices of 3-layer cake vary in flavor from day-to-day, but never in their generous portions; these treats look like they belong at the top of a beanstalk.  I have tried the chocolate, lemon and red velvet and never been disappointed.  The sweet potato pie makes me want to compose a symphony about cinnamon, cloves and allspice, while the silky smooth banana pudding could not possibly be any closer to perfection.  I love it so much, I put it in my fanciest glass for its photo shoot.

Heavenly Banana Pudding

A few doors up from Ledge, and across the street from Pat’s Pizza, Mrs. Jones Soul Food is located at 2255 Dorchester Avenue under a small black awning with blue cursive.  It is very easy on the wallet; our 2 adults and 2 kids easily fill up for under $40, with plenty of leftovers.

Mrs. Jones proudly stands before her gleaming Lower Mills kitchen, while Mr. Jones prepares food in the background.

The take out place is dedicated to her godmother, another great-cooking woman with the same last name, and it has been a life’s dream come true for both Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  I could have asked for their first names, but much like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I prefer to keep a child-like mystique about certain things.  Their cash only doors are open from noon to 8pm, Tuesday through Sunday and I have never seen any two people work harder.  “I just don’t like to see people waiting”  explained Mrs. Jones, as she darts from the refrigerator to the counter, to the oven, and back to the counter, all to collect your lovingly crafted meal.

I told her, with a smile, not to rush on my account “I would wait forever for your food Mrs. Jones.”

Mrs. Jones Soul Food * 2255 Dorchester Avenue * (617) 696-0180

Dark Horse Antiques = Deals & Steals

…dotted by Meghann

On the same day that I visited Streamline Antiques, I walked two doors down to Dark Horse Antiques & Collectables.

Located right on the corner of Adams & Dorchester, Dark Horse is one of my favorite spots for unique items at truly remarkable prices.

Owner Robert Ferrini (thanks for letting me take all the photos Robert!) has a fabulous eye.

Fabulous. Awesome. Amazing.

If you’re like me and you like quirky old things that have out-lived their original purpose but maintain strong lines and a sculptural quality, this is your place. Truly, truly fabulous (and — yippee! — affordable).

I can honestly say that I’ve never walked out of their store empty-handed and this visit was no exception.

After eyeing a couple of pieces which were subsequently snatched up while I was wandering around and taking pictures (I will forever be bummed about missing out on this bust of a child), I did find a couple of treasures (for less than $85.00 total – woot, woot!).

This vintage whirl-a-gig made one heck of a great Christmas gift for my brother…

…and this galvanized tub — see it right there in the front? —  is going to look amazing at my place (I’ll show pics of it in it’s new home on my wall soon).

So there it is; the next time you need an antique fix and your wallet is feeling lighter-than-hoped for, try Dark Horse; you won’t be sorry. Promise.