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Eye Candy: Boston Watercolor Map

… Dotted by Leslie

My husband is a map collector … I think we might need to add this one to our growing collection.

“I’d like to generate map tiles that give you that same dizzy feeling you get when you look down at a city at night, from an airplane. We’ve spent so long fussing over the relentless details in cartography that we’ve sort of forgotten what things (should) look like at a distance. “ – Arron Straup Cope.

prettymaps (boston) by Aaron Straup Cope courtesy of 20 x 200

Brunch on Wheels at Chau Chow

…Dotted and Photographed by Leslie

The DottieHotties gathered on a recent rainy morning at Chau Chow , Dorchester’s only Dim Sum restaurant. Before we had a chance to pour cups of Jasmine tea, the ‘cart ladies’  were upon us, beckoning us with their offerings of steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Roast Pork Buns and Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce.

We ate until we felt full and even then we murmured: “I could eat more..especially those sweet, sticky buns…what’s in those, anyway??’.

When I was ‘with child’, I craved Dim Sum instead of ice cream or sweets. All I wanted was Dim Sum dipped in soy sauce. You could find me most days waddling through the door of Chau Chow to get my fix of Ginger & Scallion Beef Dumplings and Sesame Balls. To me, it’s a warm, inviting place that nourishes the soul – instantly. Meals on wheels, people. It’s fast. It’s inexpensive.It’s delicious.

It’s what’s for brunch.

Crunchy Shrimp Balls and Shrimp Cheung Foon

Taro Shrimp Pancakes

One of each please!

Dim Sum is served daily (that’s right, daily!) from 9 -3 at Chau Chow. We suggest showing up on the early side to get the freshest choice dumplings and for a table by the window. Great place for a crowd too, tables can seat up to ten people. The noise, general chaos and alright, slight smell of gas from the carts, lends for a festive atmosphere.


Chau Chow

699 Morrisey Boulevard

Dorchester, MA 02122


Eye Candy

…Dotted by Leslie

When friend Kevin Deabler shared this image with me, I thought:

‘When did he go to Nebraska?.

As it turns out, he didn’t even leave the city.

‘I think I’ve found the one place in Dorchester where all people, buildings, and roads disappear….’

“I was surprised how simple the landscape became on the outskirts of the park. My daughter was slowly biking around, I was following her and this scene just appeared. This kind of peaceful setting is all around the Neponset Trail…” –K.D.