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It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here …


(photo courtesy of: http://architalk-tlarson.blogspot.com)

( … but please refrain doing what’s called for in the next line of the song if you’re in public reading this; k? Thanks!)

Following on the heels of last week’s announcement by 24/7 Wallstreet that Dorchester is ranked #5 on the list of the 10 Hottest Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods in the USA, an article further waxing poetic about its awesomeness was just published by Design New England and is available on Boston.com.

We are so happy that Dot is FINALLY starting to get the respect, attention and press it deserves!

Poetry by Barbara Roper

… dotted by Bekki

“The Yard Sale surely proves one thing … ”

The loot we scored at this year’s Ashmont Hill Yard sale includes: a bright red bookcase, two rugs that appear custom-made for my hallway, an Aloha-worthy Hawaiian shirt, $22 worth of mouth-watering ribs, and — in a moment of weakness — an eerily realistic mechanical cat named Snowflake purchased with someone’s “piggy bank” money.

The best things in life truly are free, and not even Snowflake the Wonder Cat can compare to the Dorchester-inspired poetry generously distributed by Yard Sale enthusiast, Barbara Roper.

Barbara Roper is full of DotLove

The Lure of Ashmont Hill

It is a thrill to see crowds mill

Around our yards on Ashmont Hill

To buy our wares – to stop and stare

And say, “Dorchester? We can’t be there!”


Many I’m sure are flabbergasted

To think that these beautiful homes have lasted

Through all the conflict and departure

To Suburbia and “greener pasture”


Some people come with the expectation

Of run down homes and desolation

The image of Dorchester is badly smeared

But after the Yard Sale we hope some of it is cleared


The looks of amazement at turrets and towers

Victorian homes, shrubbery and flowers

Carriage houses and lawns manicured

Stained-glass windows, many folks are allured


People are friendly – cars are few

Cause for many heads to turn askew

Where in Boston could you find today

Such beautiful homes within view of the bay?


The noise, the pollution, the utter confusion

They call city life – what a delusion

Bumper to bumper some crawl every night

And fight their way home to “suburban delight”


There are many advantages to living right here

We have lots of parking space and good clean air

We enjoy city living and suburbia too

Those who have both are certainly few


We can hop on a train at Ashmont Station

And get connections to all parts of the nation

But it is great to come back home again

And know that it is nicer than any place you’ve been


The Yard Sale surely proves one thing

There is a place in Dorchester where things really swing

Between young and old there is communication

No generation gap – just regeneration!

The Landmark Roper Yard Sale on Ashmont Hill

The Ashmont Hill Yard Sale occurs annually each May and includes over 40 families.

Mae’s BBQ and the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

…by the DottieHotties

“The Way City Living Should Be” – Ashmont Hill

While the jury is still out as to whether Mae Graves will be cooking tomorrow at the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale (we called to ask this morning and she told us, “Tomorrow stands for tomorrow; I live day to day.”) we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that she brings out her amazing BBQ onto Harley Street to serve up the best BBQ ribs and chicken we’ve ever had. Typically a bucket of ribs goes for $20 and is enough to feed at least 5 people. To find her, turn onto Harley street and follow the smoke trail….you can also buy individual portions for nibbling on the run while you shop the 60+ garages and yard sales in one of Dorchester’s most charming neighborhoods. If Mae ends up not coming out (we shudder to think), your BBQ craving will be satisfied at the Ashmont Nursery School BBQ (also on Harley Street), where they will have burgers, hot dogs, baked goods, drinks and more.

Mae chopping up her amazing BBQ ribs with a hatchet. We love her.

Mae’s BBQ

* * *

33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

May 19th 9am -2pm

RAIN OR SHINE – Take the T to Ashmont (warning: parking is at a premium); start at Ocean Street, off Welles Ave. Maps available at each yard.

Antiques, furniture, tools, computers, household and baby items, architectural details and miscellany displayed in carriage houses, porches and lawns.

For information call 617.288.6626 or visit www.ashmonthill.org

Dear Dorchester Valentine

…dotted by Meghann

To Do List

Dear Hubby-

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to say “thanks” … about a billion times over:

*Thank you for listening to me when I said — on a whim — “Let’s just go check out Dorchester,”.

*Thank you for letting me daydream about renovating an old, forgotten, and broken-down house.

*Thank you for  sticking with me through about a thousand homes.

*Thank you for not laughing when the 1,001st place — the epitome of unloved but with all the right bones — came up for sale and I fell in love.

*Thank you for agreeing to put in that first offer. And the second. And the third (while all around us the real estate market was crumbling).

*Thank you for moving into our new home when I was seven months pregnant  — unable to do anything to help — and spending every ounce of your free time painting, sanding, and writing checks to make it livable before our little guy was born.

*Thank you for not giving up on all those renovations when we were both sleep-deprived and utterly-exhausted new parents.

*Thank you for embracing our amazingly-friendly and helpful neighbors.

*Thank you for lovingly learning to grow — and then care for — our lawn.

*Ditto for the rosebushes we planted in the back that bloom like mad and the hydrangeas along the side that weren’t supposed to grow but still do.

*Thank you for not giving up on this house, this dream, this neighborhood when everyone said “we’d run for the ‘burbs” in a couple of years.

Thank you for everything. You’ve made my house-dream a reality and our son’s childhood as idyllic, diverse and loving as possible.

Happy Valentines Day; you are so loved.