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Twenty – four days of one-of-a-kind gifts produced, procured or pickled (just kidding — running with the P theme) here in Dorchester.

CAN IT BE DONE? CAN WE DO IT?  We’re up to the challenge and are excited to get out there and shop locally this season for everyone on our list.


WHAT: Drum roll please! Introducing the newest member of the DottieHottie family: Greta (Mom is Meghann)! Seen here sporting the hottest onesie of the season; Dorchester Bears on Bikes by local artist, Sierra Rothberg.

WHERE: PlanetGoga; Cedar Grove Gardens; Ashmont Cycles


FOR: Your favorite Dorchester proud kiddo or adult. Stylish and super soft  t-shirts also available for children and adults!

Newest DottieHottie, Greta, sporting a Dorchester Bears on Bikes onesie by Planet Goga

Newest DottieHottie, Greta, sporting a Dorchester onesie by Goga

For The OFD In Your Life…Dorchester Blankets & Mapkins

…Dotted by Leslie

Each week when I receive New York Magazine in the mail, the first thing I do is flip to the back of the issue to read the Approval Matrix which the Editors describe as, “Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.” The Matrix always makes me laugh and has led me to great books, music, art, cool new products and yes, sometimes hilarious YouTube videos.

New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix

It was a recent Matrix that  led  me to the Soft Cities website while checking out a really cool map company, Stamen Design.  I haven’t made a Soft Cities purchase yet, but I’m coveting the CandyMap Blanket  for my own pint-sized OFDs (Originally From Dorchester) and wouldn’t the Mapkins make a lovely Dot Mama’s Mother’s Day Gift?? (hint, hint)

How about an OTB (Over The Bridge) Savin Hill blanket? Or Jones Hill napkins?  The ideas are endless …

The folks at Soft Cities will take a map of your favorite neighborhood (you simply give them the street address) and turn it into a cozy fleece (recycled) blanket  or 100% Kona cotton table napkins. You can feel good about this purchase too since the  printing is completely green: no toxic chemicals in the printing process, nor do they produce waste water.




Prices range from $65 – $175