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We’re Baa-ack … With More News about Dot’s Increasing Popularity!

Hiiiii; remember us? Sorry for the radio silence;  after taking a break from blogging to tend to our lives for awhile (new kids, new jobs, new schools, home renovations … you name it, we did it), we’re getting back on the wagon and putting it in drive.

For our first foray back into the wonderful world of blogging, we figured that we’d share some new stats about Dorchester’s increasing popularity. Remember back in the winter when we posted that Dot was named one of the Top 10 Hottest Neighborhoods in the entire USA? Well, it seems that it’s not just buyers who’ve found Dorchester appealing. Boston Inno is reporting that according to the Jumpshell blog, Dorchester is #6 on the list of the Top 10 Neighborhoods for Young People in Boston!

How ’bout dem apples?????

Boston Strong Bracelet Fundraiser

Recently we discovered the oh-so-charming ‘Dorchester’ bangle bracelets from Triple Decker Designs (seen below is Leslie’s new beloved bracelet with the Dorchester triple decker charm, with the words ‘No Place Like Home’ engraved on the back).  Triple Decker Designs is an online only business is run by three sisters who grew up off Bowdoin Street in Dorchester. They started the company to honor iconic Dorchester neighborhoods, parishes and triple deckers that they knew and loved as kids. Bill Forry said it best in a recent op-ed piece in the Dorchester Reporter, ‘ In old Dorchester, life centered around these things: Park benches and pews and three-decker porches where children and their charges congregated and found common bond based on a shared faith, a shared struggle and, typically, a shared ancestry.’.


Following the tragedies that occurred on Monday, April 15th and in subsequent days following, the sisters of Triple Decker Designs  wanted to help those in need so they quickly placed an order for Boston Strong charm bracelets. Not only is it a statement of our devotion to our city and it’s citizens, but ALL the proceeds from these bracelets ($20 each) will directly benefit the Richard Family of Dorchester. We think these bracelets make a great gift for Mother’s Day and for anyone who shares Boston pride.


The DottieHotties

Twenty Five

WHAT: Pure Holiday Joy

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Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff … Trim every house in Whoville from the cellar to the roof.

WHERE: The front yard of 392 Adams Street, private home of Mr. Trong Nguyen

Trong Nguyen, a true Holiday Light Artisan, has lovingly cut, painted and constructed many of the illuminated beauties that fill his lawn.

Trong Nguyen, a true Holiday Light Artisan, has lovingly cut, painted and constructed many of the illuminated beauties that fill his lawn.

HOW MUCH: Free to the public from 5pm-11pm


Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near.

FOR: Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small …


It came without ribbons.  It came without tags.  It came without packages, boxes or bags … Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.  What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.  – Dr. Seuss

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2013,

Leslie, Meghann and Bekki 


WHAT: Vintage  Ornaments

WHERE: Streamline Antiques in Lower Mills, open Thursday-Sunday with their Annual Holiday Open House this weekend, December 15th & 16th

HOW MUCH: $3 – $12

FOR: Paired with a gift card, its the perfect prize for your airborne sister who is big on vintage, but short on suitcase space.

A Vintage Tree in Streamline Antiques

A Vintage Tree in Streamline Antiques


WHAT: 2013 Celebrate Dorchester Calendar and Notecard Set featuring 12 Celia McDonough watercolors

WHERE: Gerard’s Corner Store & Restaurant, The Mudhouse, Cedar Grove Gardens and Phillips Candy House … or online at

HOW MUCH: $10 … with the proceeds going towards Project Deep’s Summer Camp Scholarships for Dorchester youth.

FOR: Your favorite teachers, mail carriers, barbers & hairdressers will be able to celebrate Dorchester all year long!

Lingering Flurries by Celia McDonough is featured in the 2013 Celebrate Dorchester Calendar

Celia McDonough’s “Lingering Flurries” is one of 12 featured watercolors in the 2013 Celebrate Dorchester Calendar



WHAT: An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory wooden crate

WHERE: Dark Horse Antiques in Lower Mills

HOW MUCH: $45.00

FOR: Any chocoholic or industrial antique enthusiast you know

An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory crate

An original Walter Baker Chocolate Factory crate circa 1900